Jim Giles' Certified Safe Rooms

For years on TV, Jim Giles told us when to take cover.

Now, Jim's vision continues with where to take cover.

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Jim Giles' Certified Safe Rooms Oklahoma are a pre-manufactured, reinforced steel above ground tornado shelter/safe room that allows you and your family to quickly seek shelter during a tornado warning. Rated to withstand an EF5 tornado (winds at 250 mph), you and your family will be safe with a Jim Giles' Certified Safe Room in your home, garage, shop, office or outside. All you need is a reinforced concrete slab to anchor the safe room and you are good to go for tornado season. No more sleepless nights worrying about a tornado watch or anxious moments when the kids are home alone in the afternoon during severe weather season. They ALL have a safe place to go with a Jim Giles' Certified Safe Room.

Thank you for visiting Jim Giles' Certified Safe Room's web site and giving our product consideration. First off, let me tell you what our mission is and why we are in this business. Jim Giles' Certified Safe Rooms is not just any tornado shelter company. If we were, then we would offer more types of products, like below ground cellars etc. No, this company was founded by a career meteorologist, the late Jim Giles, whose career spanned more than 40 years in three different fields of weather, including a weather forecast commander in Vietnam during the 1960s, a University Professor of meteorology and of course a Meteorologist on TV in Austin and Dallas, Texas before he became a television icon in Tulsa, Oklahoma for more than 25 years. Jim's passion was to keep you and your family safe.

That vision continues to be the mission of Jim Giles' Certified Safe Rooms to this day. That's why we make a shelter that is easy and suitable for the whole family to get into without maneuvering steps and stairs trying to get underground. If the shelter is not handicap accessible, then we will not sell it. Finally, in continuing Jim's legacy, Jim Giles' Certified Safe Rooms will not take the easy road in the verification of our product. The National Storm Shelter Association (NSSA) is an important part of that verification.

The NSSA is a self-policing organization that verifies members have not only passed their debris impact testing, but a third party engineer that their shelter meets the FEMA 320 & 361 standard for above ground storm shelters in residential and community installation. Jim Giles' Certified Safe Rooms is a proud member of the NSSA and the General Manager, Tom Bennett, is the NSSA President and sits on the NSSA Board of Directors.

Jim Giles' Certified Safe Rooms is committed to the NSSA and to you and your family's safety from severe weather. That is why your shelter will bear the NSSA seal, signifying that your shelter meets and exceeds the FEMA 320 & 361 standard for tornado safety.

To this day, Jim's long-time television producer, Tom Bennett, directs the safe room business as General Manager and continues to be a storm chaser and meteorologist. No other storm shelter business can show that level of knowledge and commitment in the severe weather industry.

Know that when you buy this product, you are getting the experience from people who don't just talk about the weather, but have seen it, experienced it firsthand. We know what weather can do. That's why we can help protect you and your family from nature's wrath and help you feel more safe and at ease during the next severe weather event with a Jim Giles' Certified Safe Room in your home.